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One clock's time!

I give this work an 8/10 because there is a lot going on for just a clock, and overcomplicated devices really catch my eye. On the actual clock part of this structure there are many hands, which can only mean that in a dimension where a construct such as this one exists, time is not standing still and things are happening here and there. It could also mean it is one damn silly clock! The large tower upon which it rests can show me that this article is made up of different corridors, milks, crannies, and chasms. Each layer may have a specifically assigned job in the process of this time distortion you list. Although obvious to the trained eye, to the public, it simply looks ordinary. Every one of its true inter workings lie within the walls. What stands out about this as well is the detailed, yet still sketchy gears, cogs, pipes, and carts carrying some sort of mineral. All of these things contribute to the abnormality of the "clock".
-- Overall this is excellently presented and makes me wonder what else is concealed beneath the mysteries of The Luwbnerg's Steampunk Industry time distortion facility and for that I call in an 8/10 air strike upon this work of art.

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Brilliant! Smart, too.

I gave this a 10/10 because , dare I say, look at it! A marvel of the pixel brush and a manufactured masterpiece at the hands of a genius. Many things can be said about this piece, for starters, I see that this can show how technology has become like a big ole' monster! Media cascades through our world like a semi-parasitic virus. Not all bad, this storm of calamitous cogs brings upon the downfall of societies and the uprising of collaborations and corporations. Brought into the loving bondage web of this creature, the average user will embrace the tidal wave that is technological advance and see to it that his or her life becomes intertwined with the life force of this ever growing device delegation. Though contempt, they are blissfully unaware that around ever turn of the tide lays a way for corruption to strike. It is a twisty tunnel of love, danger, and greed. It is their job to find a way to take control of - at least a small part - this monstrous passageway jungle in order to find the balance between the real and the virtual. Avoiding armadas of crookedness and scandal.
-- Overall I adored the message this sent out to me and I hope many other people will view this in similar and different ways, and for that I adhere a dominant label of 10/10 to an astonishingly well done portrayal of our world and more.

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Zowee, original!

I gave this little number an 8/10 because it is original and wacky, while still looking like it belongs bumbling around "Howl's moving castle". I'll start by saying that the wings look pretty dang great. They are transparent, revealing this beast's slimy back, and although they may not be in a recognizably aerodynamic shape, I'm sure a bit of mythical magic will compensate. Next, I love his expression and the extra detail put into his aging eyes. It reassures me that hostility or ill-naturedness are not part of this creature's character. I personally think he just politely wants everyone to stay out of his way so he can do the things these animals do. Last, but not least, I will address his waddly-flipper-appendages. Seeing these completely changing this creature into a seemingly amphibious- amphibian! If anything this proves this individual is make-believe! Natural selection would rule out any animal with such characteristics, it would not give it wings AND amphibious capabilities, although I do not know enough about this quadruped's environment to speak in such a manor.
-- Overall I very much enjoyed this being. When my eyes saw it, I was stricken with a feeling of imagination and glee, and for that I fire off a short burst of 8/10 up in this art's grill.

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